Alban Kuriqi

Hidrolog - N/A, Portugal


He has a PhD in River Restoration and Management at Instituto Superior Técnico, the University of Lisbon with a primary focus on providing sustainable solutions for intensification of renewable energy. He has experience as Hydrotechnical engineer and project coordinator with 11 years of local and international collaboration in the fields of renewable energy, hydropower design, eco-hydrology, eco-hydraulics, ecological flows, river restoration, habitat modelling, hydrodynamic modelling, sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), water supply, sewerage water, wastewater treatment plant. He has been involved mainly in design and coordination related to hydraulic structures, hydrological modelling, SuDS, river rehabilitation, and infrastructures related projects. Among the others, he also has good knowledge of implementation and data acquisition management from weather radars. Mr Kuriqi has obtained a five-year integrated diploma – M.Sc. Degree in Hydrotechnical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Tiran in 2008. He has also received an M.Sc. Degree in civil engineering, majoring in water resources and hydraulics from Epoka University and Grenoble Institute of Technology. He is the author of several journal papers published in ISI journals and several scientific communications presented in an international congress. He is a reviewer for 70 international journals, so far has acted as a reviewer for more than 1000 scientific papers, and one Marie Curie research proposal call. Also, he is servings as Editor in four international scientific journals.


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