Indri Qyteza

Aktor - N/A, Italy


Indri is an international actor, born in Shkoder, Albania, who moved since his childhood in Italy, where he grew up and studied. Belonging to a very important familiar artistic tradition (his grandfather was the famous Albanian actor Bep Shiroka, his father Aleksander Qyteza was the music director of the National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Tirana), he graduated in dramatic arts at Teatro Azione academy in Rome. After the diploma he has immediately start working with important directors as Cosimo Alemà, in Italy, Pluton Vasi, in Albania, thanks to whom has got the first leading role, Valentino Villa's "Measure for Measure" in theatre . He keep working between Cinema, TV and theatre. He has a particular gift for accents and different languages, which helps him to act in Italian, Albanian or English.


TitulliN/A Emër MbiemërIndri Qyteza ProfesioniAktor CertifikimeDiploma in Arte Drammatica, Teatro Azione, Roma Gjuhët e huajaItalisht, Anglisht, Spanjisht
Telefon003920656559 AdresaRome, Italy