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CURRICULUM VITEA 1. FAMILY NAME: BRAHIMAJ 2. FIRST NAMES: YLLDISE 3. Nationality: Albania 4. Place Residence: Tirana -Albanian 5. Civil Status: Single 6. Education: Institution [Date from - Date to] Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained: Albania Agricultural University, Economics branch September 1992-July 1997 BSc (Economics) ILO, Turin Italy Oct 1996-Nov 1998 Master Trainer on SMEs, including start-up promotion strategies USAID ; March 2003-August 2004 Master Leadership of Women in Business and making decision 7. Language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 – excellent; 5 – basic) Language Reading Speaking Writing Albanian mother tongue English 2 2 3 Italian 3 4 5 8. Membership of professional bodies: • Board member and Founder of Albanian’s Network of RDAs • Member of the Enterprise Europe Network EEN in Albania • Collaborator at Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen -AFAEMME • CIVICUS members of the Alliance • Founder at “Johana ” Saving Credit Union • Member of National Leadership of Women Network • Founder of National Producer and Creative Women Association • Albanian Coalition’s for Women and Youth in decision making • Board Member at National Business Women Promotion Association 9. Long experience with Stakeholders as collaboration and partners • Local Goverment ( Municipality and Prefecture) • Central Government ( Ministry of Finance and Economic, Ministry of Local goverment and Ministry of labour) • Public Institutions • Business comunity • Techincal University • Publice and private Vocational Training Centre • Technical School( Trade, Tourism and Bank Membership of professional bodies: 10..Experience with Stakeholders as collaboration and partners • Local Goverment ( Municipality and Prefecture) • Central Government - Ministry of Finance and Economic, - Ministry of Agriculture - Ministry of Local goverment and Ministry of labour • Public Institutions • Business comunity • Techincal University ( Agriculture,Tourism and Economics) • Publice and private Vocational Training Centre • Technical School ( Trade, Agriculture , Tourism and Bank) • Business Associations and SMEs 11. Years within the Regional Development Agency (RDA): Executive Director at VRDA, • Senior SME Development Expert /Trainer at EU-SME project, EBRD,USAID,UNDP,GIZ and Italian Albania SME Development • External Expert at EU Delegation in Albania for “Competitiveness, business, Innovation and Trade” 12. Position: Executive Director at VRDA Foundation and SME- start-up Development Expert 13. Key qualifications (relevant to the project): Management and SME Expert /Trainer/coaching /Mentoring specializing in different business fields as follows; • SME and Economic development Consultancy (strategy, training needs analysis(TNA) , • Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness, Innovation, Regional and local Development • Private sector and SMEs Development covered by IPA programmed ; • Provide trainings and mentorship to Albania SMEs and resident young entrepreneurs IDEA • Capacity Building to SMEs particular tourism sector and famers development; • Assessment of socio-economic and business development and Training Needs Analysis (TNA); • Competitiveness, business, trade and SMEs development, • 20 years’ experience as leader in the unit of preparation of business plans, researches and feasibility studies; • Has worked with several donors, such as;EBRD,GIZ,ILO,EU/SMEprogram, Erasmus +,UNDP,UNOPS, EU/PHARE, Web4Yes, USAID, WB, GTZ, • Training Program for SMEs and Business Women in Rural Areas of Albania. • GIZ, - recent experience in working with GIZ ProSeed E and GIZ SARED agriculture project; • Training Expert for Business Management/ Business development • Established a training curriculum, including Training-of-Trainers(TOT) programs, • impact assessment (and policy impact assessments) as well as private sector consultation, • National innovation SME development and startup business for young people ; • Research and economic analysis ; • Innovation management for SME; • Special expertise in rural development, female entrepreneurship empowerment, management of associations and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) • Feasibility studies, market analysis and Business Planning for agribusiness and food processing sector; • Project design and evaluation; impact assessment; • Rural women’s &youth economic empowerment current rural development and gender equality/coaching relation with agriculture sectoral analysis with EU /IPARD measures, as well as in coaching and consultations • rural development programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and impact assessment as well • fields of agriculture, food security, management of natural resources, agricultural training and vocational education and training, • Employment and Skills development for SME and Public Institution staff ; • Design and prepare Training programmed; Design and prepare Mentoring program; • Provide mentorship to selected SMEs; • Human resources(HR) management and development and training with public institution and business; • Vocational education and training for unemployment women & youth; • TVET, fields of agriculture, food security, management of natural resources, agriculture and active labor market policies; • Experience of Tourism sector ( Agro tourism and Guesthouse, Hospitality) ; • Capacity Building for farmers, agro-tourism family; handicrafts; • Fostering strategic partnerships and innovation in established businesses as ; • Rural women’s and economic empowerment current rural development and gender equality • Consulting and training for tourism and agro tourism development sector; • Trainer and coaching instrument .in entrepreneurship development according to CEFE method; 14. Specific experience in the region: Albania Country Date from – to Overall in Albania and region May 2014 to present Southern Albania Oct 1998- May 2014 South West Albania Oct 1993- May 1998 15. Professional experience: Date Location Company/Reference Position Description Oct 1998 to present Overall in Albania Vlore Regional Development Agency Foundation (VRDA) Mrs. Diana Djaloshi Chairwoman of Board at VRDA Email djaloshid@hotmail.com Executive Director EC “ PHARE “ project supporting Economic and SME in Albania Responsible for overall management of the “Regional Development Agency”; In this framework director is responsible to manage RDA activity in the area of regional and local economic and rural development as well as coordinate and manage communication with donor agencies such as: , USAID, GTZ, EBRD, UNDP,EU/SMEs project ,WB, ILO, UNOPS, GIZ,ETF etc.: As Director of RDA, a SME developmet Expert and osocial economic development . Experience in Albania and neighbor countries.wide experience in capacity buildings, regional development, SME-s, VET, entrepreneurship, private sector consulting‘‘ She has got qualifications as business consultant & trainer in Europe (Italy, Greece, England, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Poland ,England,Germany ) and USA. Management consultant specializing in different fields as follows; • SME Policy: Provided policy training to RDA staff and BSPs in Vlore region; • Analyzing private sector and Strategy Planning of Albania Gouverneme in the SMEs development ; • Network of Innovation support organizations has established relationships with partners • Improved access to finance for innovative start-ups. • Local and regional economic development projects • Coordination and subcontractor to delivery of EU, GIZ,USAID/ (SBCA MSI,PAPA) UNDP,WB,.GTZ modules for training, consultancy, • Trade fairs workshops & roundtables with the main stakeholders; • The development of SME statistics and donor coordination; • Assist in the development, implementation and monitoring of relevant contracts and partnership agreements with all relevant stakeholders; • Human resources(HR) management and development and training with public institution and business • Assist in the development, implementation and monitoring of relevant contracts and partnership agreements with all relevant stakeholders; • Leadership , and Hotels sector ; Young entrepreneurship; • business consultancy to entrepreneu May 2015 to present Overall in Albania EBRD/BAS program National Programme Manager . EBRD/BAS program Mr. Neritan Mullai email;MullajN@ebrd.com SME Subcontractor /Senior SMEs Development Expert (EBRD Funded) EBRD/BAS ; Consulting and Training for SMEs; The consultancy project is to strengthen the market position of 12 companies Specific objectives are ; Innovation and competitive include: • Training on improvement of marketing skills • Enhanced promotion and advertisement of the products; • Implementation of the Marketing Action Plan • SME Mentoring expertise • Expanded market in the south regions of Albania. • Improved product in food Processing Company in ; • Promotion and better knowledge of the market. • Analysis of the existing marketing activity and drafting the new marketing strategy; • Conduct basic trainings sessions with the appointed marketing person in the company including: Sales; Techniques; Negotiations Skills; Marketing & Sales; • Market survey; The survey conducted through face to face 250 interviews in businesses , • Development the training program and deliver training of the Hotels and guesthouse ; • Implemented and conducted SMEs training program-,develop a Module for training Program; Coach closely- with Hotels staff, • Develop the consulting program and deliver the consulting; • Implement on module” HR Management ”and “Recruitment procedures • Business planning and modelling; • Product design and development to meet market demands; • Branding and marketing evolution; • Productivity and performance improvement; • Market research and export promotion; • Technology transfer and innovation enhancement; • Improving staff performance through effective human resource management; • Introducing quality management systems (ISO,HACCP, Global GAP) based on expectations of international clients; • Introduction of financial tools and instruments tailored to current situation and needs of SMEs; JuJ June 2017 to June 2018 Gizi SARED/GIZ Partner NSGK Tefta Malaj CEO NSGK Tef email;teftansgk@yahoo.com Trainer& SME Development Expert GIZ(funded ) SARED/GIZ Project: Capacity Building for Farmer in the Berat Regions ; • Trained farmers and rural women in Marketing strategy in agriculture • Trained famers ( 65% women) in Financial Management in Kucova • Rural young people in economic empowerment ,current gender equality • Market analyses and value chain analysis, market research • Business Planinng eleberation • Capacity building for farmers ( small farme) • Elaboration of the social economic study • Marketing and Sale • Sales Technique and Negoziation Skills • Financial Management for Farmers • Establish and train farmers group (60 members) who agree to work together; Improve dialogue between the stakeholders of the agro-processing eco-system, including farmers, business associations, transfer technology centres, service providers, agriculture directorates etc and local stakeholders; • Raise farm competitiveness in the local area; Mobilization of stakeholders and service providers, transfer technology centres of the respective eco-system March 2018 to present Feb 2010 March 2011 (Tirana, Vlore, Overall in Albania Southern of Albania CEFE International –Consulting Company Inch Germany International coordinator of GIZ/IDEA project Mrs. Marlinde Baerenz- coordination@cefe.net World Bank; Project Manager Edmond Sheshi esheshi@yahoo.com Trainer &Business Planning Expert (GIZ funded) Project Coordinator &Trainer (WB funded) GIZ- IDEA project “IDEA Business Start-up Campaign ; The consultant´s task will be: Preparation of the training module to including the revision of the training agenda, • Train 280 Young start-ups, who had participated in the above-mentioned large-scale training; • Trained 220 young people overall Albania that apply for grant and training as Start up business IDEA competition; • collection and return of training materials in the project office, • last-minute and follow-up calls to invited participants, • Provide Coaching and mentorship to 40 paticipants . • preparation of standardised short course reports and submission of a short report Trainer expert tasked ; • Start-up Training IDEA • New entrepreneurs in Albania and Innovation business • Be an entrepreneur, Marketing online and digitalization • Working in a startup or participating in a start-up program; • Finance training &Hunting the Money, World Bank & Albania National Employment Service; ,Creating a Social Services Centre for vulnerable groups” ( Women and Youth in need in the rural area), realizing needed infrastructure able to support given social economic services; -Raising the opportunities for employment, education and qualification of Young peoples and women in Need in order to integrate them in normal life. -Generate Business Idea and discussions were handling, -Round Table, educative culture, social – economic Services; -Provide Centre creation like consultancies, training, education/information; -Opportunity Employment for Youth and women unemployed through business idea training; Women rural area .Capacity building, training of trainers, entrepreneurship development; -Among other consulting tools, we have developed coaching guides for entrepreneurs and the creationof Networking groups (Exchange Experience Groups) for SME and micro-enterprise support; -Creating the Centre with all needed infrastructure in order to have complete possibilities to develop Realizing business services for a target group of 200 beneficiaries. From those in training session has participated 120 CEFE International –Consulting company Inch Germany Mrs. Marlinde Baerenz- coordination@cefe.net International coordinator of GIZ/IDEA project Trainer &Business Planning Expert (GIZ funded) GIZ- IDEA project “IDEA Business Start-up Campaign • Start-up Training IDEA • New entrepreneurs in Albania • Business training ; • Be an entrepreneur, • Working in a startup or participating in a start-up program; • Innovation business • Finance training &Hunting the Money, • Business Plan development ; • Trained 100 young people overall Albania that apply for grant and training as Start up business IDEA competition; • 8 IDEA coachees support with coaching for elaborate Business Plan • Improved access to finance for innovative start-ups. Dec 2016 to Nov 2018 Over all Albania Italian –Albania SME Development program PMU N Director .Mr Gavril Lasku gavril.lasku@ekonomia.gov.al Subcontractor and SME Development Expert Italian Albania SME Development program /subcontractor for Expertise Consultant -Training for SMEs; The consultancy project is to strengthen and promotion the market position of company Specific objectives include: • Enhanced promotion and advertisement of the products; • Improved access to finance for innovative start-ups. • Improved qualification and productivity of the staff and sellers through training; • Expanded market in the North regions of Albania • TOT for SME particularly tourism sector and rural development sector an feasibility studies • Assessment of business development and Training Needs Analysis( TNA) • Business Developing ecosystems • Human Recourse Managment and Development in company • entrepreneurial skills like business planning, innovation management, • development/financing of start-ups and/or SMEs commercialisation experience • 3 SME designed innovative product • business consultancy to entrepreneurs • Design and prepare Training programmes Nov 1 ,2019’ July 2020 Allover in Albania “Social Enterprise for Civile Society Organization “ and Albania CCP Alida Kondi -CEO to CCP Email :Alida.kondi@gmail.com Coach and SME Trainer (EU funded) EU/SEforCSO- PROJECT: “Support to civil society organization to develop Social Enterprises in Albania“ TRAINING AND COACHING FOR DEVELOPMENT SOCIAL ENTERPRISES“ ; The coaching programme is to support the organisations that are beneficiaries of the sub-grants to implement the business plan that to guarantee e sustain and successful operation of the activities after the assistanc of the project SocialEntrepreneurs will benefit from the coaching and mentoring from services provided, • The coaching activities are timely related to the period starting with the distribution of the sub-grants to maximum 15 beneficiaries, • The coaching programmes for each of the beneficiaries should be prepared in cooperation with the beneficiaries, • 15 beneficiary received Coaching directly from the Consultant, • The consultant will conduct the tailor-made coaching programme, which will focus on these specific issues, but not only, as below: • Support on the first phase for identification of the tools and materials, equipment that will be part of the financing , • Support on management, organization, human resource management, suppliers and market access, operational processes,, • Support on legal and financial issues • 15 organizations to be coached for implementation of business plans Sep 2019 April 2020 June 2003 Feb 2008 Kucove Albania Albania – Southern Western Balkan „Civil Society Organisations for Youth Employment Support“ Tefta Malaj ; CEO NSGK Albania Emai:tefatnsgk@yahoo.com USAID/SBCA –Chemonics Inch Washington DC Chief of Party at SBCA Jeff Houghton j.houghton@easynet.co.uk Partner and Start up Trainer EU Funded) Project Director SBCA/USAID SME Consultant & Trainer (USAID funded) EU/WEB4YES Project: “Creation of Opportunities for Employment and self-employment of Marginalized Youth” Direct beneficiaries of the project; • 60 marginalized young people and their families , Indirect beneficiaries are; • Local community , local SMEs and Local public authorities Expertise and Training in start-ups in Business IDEA ; • How to be entrepreneurs, • Capacity Building to become young entrepreneurs, • financial plan , Business Plans • Marketing strategy and Marketing Online/Coaching for 15 Business Idea in competition and • Mentoring, Design and prepare Training programmes USAID: Albania Small Business Credit and Assistance (SBCA) Program Phase 1 (2003 -2005): • Vlore RDA has disbursed 25 loans through both funds with a 98% repayment • In addition Vlore RDA delivered had been provided training 300 businesses • 60% were farmers • And 100 received one-on-one counselling from Vlore to Saranda. Phase 2 :( 2005-2008) as subcontractor to SBCA were monitored and evaluated on a project-by-project basis to measure impact as follows; • Direct technical assistance and training has been provided to more than 500 businesses especially • farmers and food processing industry ; • Assistance and training to enterprises leads to applying: new technology; good management • Practices; and marketing strategies; • Elaborated Business Planning for companies ; • Project improves client competitiveness through , using of innovation technology and best practice;; • The Standard Format of Business Plan; Client Branding and focus Groups; • Monitored and evaluated on a project basis to measure impact;;, • Needs Analyses, Action Plans and Client Profiles; • Developed a comprehensive database of more than 800 businesses in the agriculture • The Albanian National Honey Day Fair organized for 40 businesses , • market analyses, feasibility studies business development, marketing and sales March 2010 July 2011 Overall in Albania IDI-International Development Ireland. inch Konrad Nierubiec Tel. 00 353 1 6625555 konradN@dublin.idi.ie Team Leader of Project; Uli Lachenmaier Email; Uli_lachenmaier@web.de SME Development Expert (EU funded) EU : “Supporting SMEs to Become more Competitive in the EU Market” project As SME Consultant as follows; • Monitoring and evaluation mechanism , with enterprise specific measurable indicators, • designed and implemented, to measure the impact of the National Competitiveness Programme for SMEs; • Training curriculum (including for training of trainers) for impact assessment and specific aspects of regulatory and policy impact assessments) as well as public consultation, • Development of the methodology for the first national "Training Needs Analysis (TNA) • for SMEs in Albania" in a team with international experts, • Sales and Marketing, Competitiveness for SME´s,Business Service Providers, BSPs, Association promotion , • Assessment of business development and training needs analysis, trainer/Consultant/ coach in Strategic Business Management, Innovation, • Training workshop for consultants interviewers Pilot TNA survey ,conclusions , • Selection of 250 SME for TNA survey sample” TNA carried out in the fields. SME individual • Coordination and supervision of the implementation of the TNA field interviews in 250, • enterprises: identification of SMEs, mobilization of SMEs and national/regional/local institutions,, • Coordination of the TNA result: data collection, interpretation and substantial contribution to the TNA Report 2010, • Implementation of formal practical and hands-on training sessions as trainer for SMEs , • "Business Planning and Strategic Management, Implementing and monitoring of Albanian SME policy and strategy in order to provide entrepreneurship and innovation programmes to SMEs. April 1996 -Oct 1998 South of Albania GTZ – CEFE Inc. Germany Mikel Dyshniku Former Deputy Team Leader mdyshniku@hotmail.com Project Director and SME Expert- Trainer (GTZ funded) GTZ: Micro-finance and SME Development Project Conducted preliminary research designed and Implemented a survey of SMEs to identify major To their growth and development. • The work included: improving access to credit for SMEs ; • prepared Business Plan for 35 clients ; • 30 assessing the institutional capacity of organizations involved in SMEs , • Reviewed the constraints of existing finance schemes, • Business Start-ups and Microfinance fund, • Also designed and delivered an SME Policy training course for the 70 private companies, • National Women Handicraft Fair organization. 1993-1998 South –West Of Albania Lancashire Enterprises plc London England Jeff Houghton Former Team Leader of EC “PHARE” Project i.houghton@easynet.co.uk Manager, Vlore RBA (EC funded) Project Manager at RBA EC “Phare” program: SME Development in Albania Established and developed a structure of Regional Development Agencies (RBA‘s) to support of economic Development in Albania, • This involved bringing together those government and non-governmental organizations , • Delivered seminars on business planning, marketing and entrepreneurship, • Created the SME Policy Unit at the Ministry of Finance and Economy, • Delivered training on business planning, marketing and entrepreneurship, • Fostering the SME development of the region, by providing high quality level of business knowledge, • Consultancy to the business community of the south west of Albania , • Working closely with banks and SME-s to develop business plans for accessing loans and expansion • Carrying out market research through examining new investment / product / locations prospects, • Collaborating with different international organization which SME supporting programs , • Economic Development and growth of the SME sector; 16. Other relevant information (e.g., Publications) Publications • Supporting SMEs to Become more Competitive in the EU Market book ‘ Training Needs Analysis for SEM’s “ • (TNA) prepared by EU-SME program author; A. Gomez, Ylldise Brahimaj and Carlo Penco to be held National Conference in Albania July 2012; • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management article: “The growth of SME sector in Albania by Ylldise Brahimaj,- SME Development Expert and Anila Arapi- December 2014; • Study “The Fisheries Management and Marine Techniques in Albania” by Ylldise Brahimaj Executive director of RDA (Published ISBN 97816098500120) to be held on May 15th and 17th 2012 in Albania; • “Public and private agriculture extension services in Albania - current situation and future perspectives”, Y.Brahimaj, U, Schmidt. Week Scientific Conference “Challenges of Education and Innovation” to be held on January 13th and 14th 2011 in Roma; • “Searching for Political Monetary Cycles in Albania”, Y.Brahimaj, J.Houghton and D. Wood International Conference “Economic and Social Challenges and Problems”, University of Economy , Albania 2012; • “Analysis of Political Business Cycles in Transition Economies with focus on Albania”, 2009, M. Kaitlin, Y.brahimaj, A, Bazini Challenges for Analysis of the Economy, the Businesses, and Social Progress International Scientific Conference, University of Szeged, Hungary. 17. Qualification - Certificates January 2018 to present Licensed to conduct qualified ; “ CEFE “ Training of Trainer over 100 hours , a coached practical experience of over 40 hours as CEFE Trainer for business people and start-ups Sept 14 24 , 2016 Certificate ; “Get Funding from the European Union” implemented by Env.net April 2015 Certificate ; EU project design process and implementation of environmental policy by European Environmental BUREAU Jun 2012 Nov 2012 IPA 2011 Project & GIZ “Support to Agriculture and Rural Development” (SARD-IPARD) Certificate; Albanian advisory structure on the implementation of the IPARD-like grant scheme May 2014 Certificate; Audit of Innovation and Technology for SME’ s implemented by AIDA Feb 2011 Diploma on“ Consulting as a Business for Business Services Providers implemented by EU-SME Project May 2010 International Symposium „The development of the Albanian Maritime System and EU Experience; organized by The University of Vlore-Albania as Lector of the study “The Fisheries Management and Marine Techniques in Albania” March 2010 Certificate „The Business Success Through Sustainability implemented by Netherlands’ Ministry for Development Cooperation, - REC for Central Eastern Europe in Budva Montenegro March 2003 - Aug 2004 Diploma Women Leadership Program implemented by USAID/Partners-Albania. May 2003 Certificate: for Anti-Corruption Program for Public and Civil Society; Officials implemented by North Florida International Visitors Council in the USA June 2003 Certificate: Regional Development Agency Support to SMEs implemented by World Learning/USAID , in Warsaw, Poland July 2003 Certificate: Making Cents Training Course for Master Plan implemented by SBCA Program Chemonics International Inc., and Making Cents International February 2002 July 2002 Certificate of Achievement:, Anti-Corruption Activities Regarding Public Procurement by Prefect Co at Budapest, Hungary; Certificate Successfully completed the training course on " Quality Management-Quality Assurance-ISO 9001 for SMEs, Organized by EOMMEX S.A., GLYFADA GREECE, Feb 5 – 25 1999 March 1998 Diploma ;” Management Training in British Industry” delivered by British Government Know-How Fund and JICAP programme in BELFAST Northern IRELAND Certificate: has successfully completed a Credit Union Induction Course organized by “ Irish League of Credit Unions”, in Dublin IRELAND Oct 1996- Nov 1998 Master Diploma , has successfully completed a programmed “Training of Trainers and Advisers for SME” delivered by ‘ International Training Centre of the ILO’ Turin, Italy December 1997 Certificate has successfully completed the training course on “Modern Techniques For Effective Management of SMEs“ Organized by EOMMEX S.A Glyfada, Greece Nov- January 1996 “Training of Trainers(TOT) SMEs course administration delivered by CEFE/GTZ Germany June 1987 Decorated of the Parliament “ Excellent Contribution to the State Trade Enterprise and “Civil Society ” Ylldise Brahimaj ___________________________________________________ Permanent Address: STR. “PJETER BUDI”, PALLATI “FASKED”, AP 9/1, TIRANE ALBANIA Mobile Phone: +355 69 3834994, viber/whatsAup +355 (69)3834994 personal Email: disk,brahimii@gmail.coml; office email vlorerda@gmail.com Skype; diska.brahimi Ylldise’s Profile linkedin.com/in/ylldise-brahimaj-05476a37 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Regional...RDA ...


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