Ramë Hajraj

Ekonomist - Tirane, Albania
+383 ( 49 ) 364 707


Ramë Hajraj was born in February 1994 in Istog / Istok. He finished elementary and high school at the elementary school "Bajram Curri" while finished high school in Haxhi Zeka High School where he showed excellent results. He studied undergraduate studies at the Business Faculty of Haxhi Zeka University in which he continued his postgraduate master studies. Ramë Hajraj is a publisher of fourteen scientific articles, most of them belong to the economic and legal field, scientific papers are published at International, Regional and National Conferences. ​ She has participated in many trainings at home and abroad and has been part of student and youth representation from 2012 to 2015 and participant in several nongovernmental organizations in the Republic of Kosovo, in several positions such as: project management and their coordination, trainer general in the field of advanced studies etc. ​ Currently he is engaged as trainer and project manager at the Kosovar Institute for Logopedics and in the non-governmental organization "Vision 02" as Project Coordinator and Information Officer.                                         July 2018


TitulliMSc. Emër MbiemërRamë Hajraj ProfesioniEkonomist CertifikimeÇertifikim ndërkombëtar në fushën e trajnimeve si trajner, konsulentë për biznese në fushën ekonomike dhe menaxhim të projekteve dhe menaxher i projekteve Ndërkombëtare dhe Kombëtare,Çertifikim ndërkombëtar në fushën e statistikave dhe hulumtimit Gjuhët e huajaN/A
Telefon+383 ( 49 ) 364 707 E-mailramehajraj@yahoo.com AdresaRr.Çamëria, nr.35 Istog/Kosovë